Official Announcement for Congressional Campaign

Feb 15, 2022

10 January 2022
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CLEAR BROOK, VA - January 10, 2022 - Today, Merritt Hale announced his candidacy
for the Republican nomination of Virginia’s 6th Congressional District.

“I started thinking of running for office when my dad fell ill and I saw how messed up our
healthcare system was, even for veterans who’d worked their entire life like my dad.
The more I reflected on the problems in our district and the more I prayed about it, the
more compelled I felt to run.”

Merritt Hale is a Christian, common sense, conservative, who has lived in Virginia his
whole life except for 2 years in his military service. He attended the University of Virginia
and is a 4 year Navy veteran and currently works as a systems engineer supporting the
intelligence community.

“I’m an outsider to politics so some may say it’s naive but I think we can actually effect
some positive change that helps the people of the 6th District.”

Merritt Hale is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia’s 6th
Congressional District.

“I want to run a campaign that honors [my dad’s] life and is as honest and
straightforward as he was.”

Keep an eye out for Merritt Hale on the campaign trail. He is looking forward to meeting you all!


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