Healthcare has become a very personal issue for me in the past few years. My dad was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease in 2014 and he passed away Christmas Eve of this past year, 2021. After he was diagnosed my mom quit her job to be his full time care taker. Eventually, by December 2020, his health deteriorated to the point where he had to be moved to a full-time memory care unit. This experience opened my eyes to the multitude of issues in our health care system.

Healthcare should not be something that bankrupts hard working citizens who have never asked for any assistance from the government. Healthcare shouldn’t be a system where you have to know advanced tax law to be able to afford not to die. 

Part of what makes America great is capitalism and the free market. However, in health care the top priority should be saving lives, not profits. It is absurd that healthcare workers in nursing homes, memory care units, and other areas of healthcare make close to minimum wage while the companies are making ridiculous amounts of money. No American should have to die of a preventable condition, just because the cure is expensive.