The Issues

A very brief summary of each key issue is listed under the heading. To go more in depth on each issue, click the image above the topic you would like to know more about.

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Role of Government

  • The best government is a small government
  • The government should serve the people, not vice versa

Morality in Government

  • Separation of Church and State
  • Uphold the dignity of every single person


  • 100% pro-life except when the mother's life is at risk
  • It is important we support and protect the unborn


  • Should not be a one size fits all solution
  • Should prioritize patient health over profits

Change DC Culture

  • Should be about servant leadership not self promotion
  • Drain the swamp


Foreign Policy

  • Stand up to Russia and China
  • No endless wars
  • Value our troops



  • Teach children to think critically
  • Value our teachers


2nd Amendment

  • Proud supporter of the right to bear arms
  • I will defend the 2nd Amendment against all incursions


  • Secure our borders
  • Reform the legal immigration system


Environment/Animal Cruelty

  • Protect the environment and businesses
  • Prevent animal cruelty and protect the sanctity of life

Local and Rural Issues

  • Bring funding to our district
  • Expand I-81
  • Invest in rural high-speed internet access


  • Ensure American energy independence
  • Reduce vulnerability to price increases
  • Invest in nuclear energy