Local and Rural Issues

While Congressmen serve at the federal level, they must be able to provide funding for projects in their local districts. The incumbent has been unable to secure any meaningful funding for our district. I-81 needs to be expanded. We’ve all driven on I-81 and we do not have enough lanes to support the traffic driving through the valley on a daily basis. We need to bring broadband high-speed internet to large parts of our district. This will help incentivize businesses to invest in our district and bring jobs. Providing more jobs will in turn help reduce our homeless population as well as help with the massive opioid addiction problem our district faces. Bringing broadband internet to our district will also allow our farmers to have access to the data they need to help be competitive with other regions. Finally, Congress must support the 2023 Farm Bill to ensure financial stability for our farmers and ensure our American farmers remain competitive on the world stage.