Role of Government

Limited Government: Unchecked government leads to higher taxes, slower and more inefficient bureaucracies, more regulations on businesses, more regulations on guns, and less freedoms for people. I believe government should fulfill the roles it was assigned in the constitution to include keeping a strong military, defending our borders, and keeping our citizens safe. Implementing conservative fiscal policies will help diminish our national debt and limit the current bloat of the government.

When my father died, our family had to spend countless hours on the phone with the IRS, the social security office, and different departments for veterans. Government bureaucracies which have exorbitantly high budgets shouldn’t leave people in need on hold for hours at a time, be unreachable, have websites which are impossible to navigate, and leave the people they are supposed to be helping feel helpless. In order for social security recipients who lost a spouse to receive compensation, the Office of Personnel Management sends a form via snail mail which takes over 6 weeks to reach a person, and then months to process once they receive it back. That leaves the widowed spouse without a source of income for months on end due solely to government inefficiency. If the government needs money from you, they take it ASAP, if the government owes you money, it takes months, sometimes years to get it. Currently, if the government charges you money which you don’t owe, they can wreck your credit score within 30 days. However, the appeals process takes over 120 days. Therefore, you can be on the hook having to pay four months’ worth of payments you don’t owe, with no legal recourse.

As a systems engineer I hate inefficiency and there’s a lot of simple measures that can be implemented to improve these bureaucracies. There should be performance metrics tied to funding. There should be a hold on disputed payments until they are properly adjudicated. There should be a financial penalty for agencies that aren’t responsive within a certain time. These are all simple, common-sense practices which take place in the private sector where companies that don’t do these basic things lose their business to rivals. These government agencies don’t have competition but these problems can be legislated out. The only reason they haven’t is that the current legislators are too concerned looking out for their own interests and not the peoples.